A global warming rant

Global warming is an admitted hoax. Now they say the polar bears are dying. What a load of BUNK! In the 1950’s there were a total of 6,000 polar bears. Now there are at least 17,000. Their numbers go up and down, and there is not even really any such thing as a polar bear, they are simply brown bears that have had latent genes come forward for living in the cold. Move a bunch of them south, and in a couple hundred years you have brown bears. The fossil records prove this.

Darwin’s finches did not prove evolution, even though he thought so. In reality, if finches go into a region with a different type of nut, within a few generations latent genes come forward to optimize their beaks for that type of nut. So it goes with the Polar bear as well.

There is no global warming in any way shape matter or form, and there is no such thing as man made climate change. It is all driven by the sun, those who are not scientific thinkers forget there is a history of ice ages, the world’s climate is constantly changing based on the amount of energy the sun puts out.

Water vapor is 100 X the green house gas Co2 is, that is why deserts, which are super hot during the day get very cold at night, the air is dry and the heat therefore escapes to space because there is no greenhouse water vapor around to keep the heat in. We will need to worry about C02 when the deserts stay warm at night. GEE, we need to cover the oceans! If warming is the problem, WE NEED TO DITCH THE WATER!

Heavy snow in Veracruz Mexico, Global Warming is a HOAX!

I have not seen anything about this in the American MSM, but Mexican television had a news spot that spoke about heavy snow in Veracruz Mexico on March 12 complete with video and people unaccustomed to snow dealing with it. It was a heavy wet snow (not powder) but if you look at a map of Mexico, snow in Veracruz on March 12 is a real head scratcher. Sort of makes a joke of global warming, yes, this was a really cold winter in Mexico.

Veracruz is on the East Coast, lower center, right on the Carribean. It is the last place anyone would think of snow.

Source: http://www.jimstone.is/


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