NEVER ask for the US Southern border to be sealed, it is a TRAP


The following is cold hard fact, I witnessed it myself

For the record: No matter what CNN shows you, no matter what Glenn Beck shows you, no matter what ANY alternative media guy shows you, THERE ARE PRACTICALLY NONE, and I mean ALMOST ZERO Mexicans making illegal border crossings into America. It is a hoax of epic proportions, which is being fronted to make Americans demand an impassible border fence between Mexico and the U.S. (with Canada effectively being the 51st state so no fence is needed there).

However, Mexicans really are arriving in droves, here is what is really going on at the southern border:

They are letting the Mexicans pass into the country via the normal border crossings in an enormous flood that is shocking in magnitude. I saw this myself. For 3 days I was in the back country at the border near Tijuana, and absolutely no Mexicans were anywhere to be seen. The woods and brush were absolutely crawling with border patrol agents. And there was never, at any point EVER a single Mexican to be seen anywhere.

Finally the border patrol found me, (after I avoided them 50 times) asked me what I was doing in the area, and drove me into town, right to the border crossing at Tijuana. There I saw the truth, they were just letting the Mexicans pass into America by the hundreds per hour and get onto tour buses that drove them into the U.S. in style. This is not any sort of exaggeration or joke. The border crisis is a full blown HOAX.

I did an expose a while back about the children on trains scam, where I interviewed all the Mexican rail security on all north bound lines going up to America, and the security themselves said the story about children on trains was a scam. Never once, over many days, did I ever see a child hopping a train in Mexico.

At the end of the investigation I discovered the truth – that child thieves were running a children on trains scam and stealing children in Central America and using the scam as a front to explain to the parents in Central American countries why their children were missing. The people running this scam were powerful and rich, most likely backed by a huge financial entity such as the World Bank. They were obviously at the top of the power pyramid because they were able to pay for fake train derailments at the ends of old unused rail spurs and have the mainstream media there film them and present them as real derailments that left thousands of children stranded all the while there was not a child in sight. I documented all of this on video, which can be viewed HERE.

(all the links go to the same video, it is damning and important, WATCH IT.)

After producing this video I received a tip that white women were operating fly by night non government organizations in Central America, and that mothers were warning their children not to approach these women or visit these organizations because when the children went to them, they vanished. That is why the train scam was being fronted.

QUESTION: IF they could run a child theft ring involving the theft of tens of thousands of people via non government organizations they were running in Central America (kids who were probably murdered in satanic rituals) and front it as an immigrant children on trains scandal that I proved was a complete hoax, IS THE REST OF THE IMMIGRATION SCANDAL A HOAX BEING FRONTED TO GET AMERICANS TO SCREAM FOR AN IRON CURTAIN STYLE BORDER FENCE BEFORE FINAL TYRANNY LOCK DOWN? Can’t have all those patriots they plan to kill escape to Mexico, CAN THEY?

Folks, there are NO MEXICANS crossing through the desert anymore, Obama opened up the regular border crossings and they are simply getting on buses after being allowed a free pass in. I saw this myself, it cannot be denied. There is a different reason for the border fence, which is certainly not being built to keep people out if the normal crossings are WIDE OPEN.

Put your thinking cap on, WHY would they do this?



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