World War 3 is VERY LIKELY to happen before Nut Yahoo’s time is up. Consider the following items

1. Love them or hate them, the staff at Infowars TOTALLY NAILED THIS, IT IS A MUST READ

2. Jardino also has this:

The diabolical ruling elite’s plot to ignite that Third World War, promised in 1871 by Freemasonry’s Albert Pike, appears to be imminent. Here is a major clue! The president, vice-president, secretary of state, the House minority leader, and 50 Congress members were absent from Netanyahu’s *war-pleading* speech before Congress. That just does not happen under normal protocol !

Notice that Obama did not even accept Netanyahu’s request to visit Washington. Yet, Netanyahu visited anyway — and that just does not happen under normal protocol. Also, note the stark incongruence between the sycophantic standing ovations that Congress lavished on Satanyahu and the rude snubbing of him – in absentia – by the president, vice-president, secretary of state, the House minority leader, and fifty members of Congress.

It is clear to me that these unprecedented snubs were political moves intended to extricate and exonerate these *leading* figures from the great public outrage that will come down upon all of our leaders for this earth-incinerating nuclear holocaust that is now being signaled by Netanyahu’s treacherous political escapade in Washington yesterday.

3. Here is my take on Nut Yahoo’s rant:

I am going to go over what the Mexican press said about Nut Yahoo last night

He went on a huge rant about keeping nuclear weapons out of the hands of Muslims. Obviously he would, because Muslims are not stupid in the Arab world, they are well aware of the fact that the American press is manipulating the people with false flags, false reporting, and they deeply fear the American war machine. They would do anything to get assurance that they are not going to get blown away over the result of American propaganda campaigns. Fear of getting bombed into oblivion by the American war machine is what real terror is, it is a reality that millions die from over and over again on their home street in the Arab world all the while Americans sit on comfy recliners and watch in “terror” via telescreens as psy op “ISIS” “beheads” a mannequin 8,000 miles away, . . . . . terror? What a laugh.

Nut Yahoo also forgets the fact that Pakistan hates Israel as much as anyone else, and Pakistan has nukes to spare. Plenty of them. Yet they sit unused, because people are NOT STUPID about consequences. Nut Yahoo also forgets that Turkey, which has hated Israel on and off for decades has also had nukes for decades, provided by America complete with delivery systems that could hit Israel on a whim.

This makes Nut Yahoo’s rant about nukes in the hands of Muslims pure Nut-Puffery, the proof is on the table, only Israel has used nukes recently, three of them easily proven in Syria. Hypocrisy? What is that? Nut Yahoo is an example of something worse.

Watch what happens over the next couple weeks, Yahoo’s time is up so he might order something really big and really nasty because he has nothing to lose anyway. He is so far into the looney bin that even the most dishonest violent population won’t want him, after all there is image to consider . . . . . .

The FCC taking over the American internet probably has a LOT to do with Nut Yahoo’s pre meditated and prepared for rant that is very likely to preceed a massive attack on innocents in the name of “war”, if this site goes down to prevent dissent it will be at JIMSTONEFREELANCE.IS, migration in progress!



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