Vaccine petition received well in excess of 100,000 signatures long before deadline

Surprise surprise, I am actually a little shocked they allowed this to happen. And there is something very important to know about these petitions – If 100,000 plus signatures are reached, it means that tens of millions support the petition. This is because in contrast with the size of the overall population, practically no one is aware of these petitions, and if people are not aware of them they cannot sign. And even if they are aware and want it, most will not sign. Did you? I did not, and I believe this is true for most readers. This topic is case closed – the public is stiffly against forced vaccination, PERIOD, END OF DISCUSSION.

Now let’s see what zio droid in the white house does under threat of nuclear blackmail . . . . . . .

And this will not stop states from forcing vaccines regardless of what zio droid does . . . . . . .



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