Torrance refinery blast

Gas prices have already been affected by the Torrance refinery blast. This should be impossible for several reasons, and is only profiteering.

I initially thought the blast was probably sabotage to raise gas prices but now believe it was probably caused by either an operator error or a mistake made by maintenance. The blast occurred in what appears to be a bag house (a large structure filled with filters shaped like long bags that is part of the emission control system for particulate removal) and could have only happened if an explosive mix of air and fumes were permitted to develop inside the structure. This most likely means maintenance goofed by removing a panel or opening something, or that the operators screwed up.

There are two key facts regarding this blast people ought to know:

The first one is that there is no conceivable way this explosion could possibly truthfully cause an increase in gas prices. Back up filtration systems were available and they simply diverted the emissions through alternate systems. The refinery never stopped operations, it kept running without a hitch and is still up and running.

The pictures look bad, but it is just a destroyed bag house. 4 people were injured, none seriously. That was luck. There is no conceivable way this can put a pinch on gas supplies, absolutely nothing that is actually used to refine oil was affected, this only destroyed an un needed EPA mandated accessory that the refinery lives in spite of, not because of.

The following was written to the FBI regarding their frameup and jailing of a Tunisian idiot who “plotted to set off the Yellowstone volcano” and “derail a train by cutting the tracks with a laser beam”



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