How do I know? Because pre planted trolls were on the forum, take a look at the following:

The following was posted early on, when this forum thread only had 80 views. IT PROVES THIS EXECUTION WAS A HOAX, there is no way in hell someone who knew someone who was there would post the following so early on absent having paid shills on all major forums ready to pounce the moment anyone questioned if this execution was real. The following comment proves they had damage control placed EVERYWHERE ahead of time to nip any questioning of this hoax in the bud . . .

(now banned) Trinity posted the following:

So this is where I get very confused…I live a town over and a good friend of my family knew all three that were killed and is severely heartbroken….

How is this one a hoax?

Admin insert: TRINITY, ARE YOU FROM GLP AND TRYING TO SPEW BULLSHIT HERE? MAGICALLY YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO IS THERE WHO KNOWS ALL THREE WELL ENOUGH TO BE “SEVERELY HEARTBROKEN” and posted comment 3 when this thread only had 80 total views? FIGURE THE ODDS. Go suck a rotten egg until it pops.

Trolls and liars are not appreciated, YOU ARE BANNED, BYE BYE!

UPDATE: ALL OTHER MAJOR FORUMS GOT HIT A SIMILAR WAY, I AM CALLING IT BECAUSE OF THIS EVEN WITHOUT EVIDENCE, HOAX! Because we have nothing forthcoming in the way of proof, and THIS WILL WORK GREAT FOR A GUN GRAB. The unilateral forum pounce across all major forums including mine, with ALL OF THEM having people who know the people killed absolutely pegs it, there are only so many people who would know these people and they cannot magically know where all the forums are and hit them to post about it. This means that this is a huge psy op and thousands of trolls are HITTING IT HARD.

Gotta grab those guns, GRAB EM ALL, Americans will not stand for a gun grab over an Islamic attack, so NOW IT IS WHITE AETHEIST SUPREMACISTS AND VICTIM INVERSION. YEP, THAT OUGHT TO WORK, !!NOT!!

This is a pretty big topic, view updates on the Forum and if this is a hoax, it will soon be gutted there.



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