The Final Mars Head Report

Not a hoax. Mars rover photographs Mayan/Aztec style head

This is a bona fide image from the Mars rover. This came straight from JPL. If the mars rovers are real it proves a civilization existed on Mars, and that Mars had to have been destroyed.

I had my doubts the rovers were real. I thought they were actually somewhere in the American desert South West. But there are no Mayan heads to be found in the U.S., and I doubt NASA would do a fake rover stunt elsewhere. Obviously NASA is mum on this, stupidly stating that it is a natural rock formation and Jpeg artifacts. However, it is easy to prove the head is real. You can prove this yourself. Download the original image from JPL at: 102000E1_DXXX.jpg and scroll to the correct rock (middle right side, as shown in the capture to the left) and do a little image processing.

Though Jpeg artefacts can be seen all through the original image from NASA, especially on the teeth, they can be rendered out to show the image they encoded, even if the Jpeg artifacting is very bad in the original image. The picture to the left is what can be rendered if you have decent graphics skills, go through the right steps to get rid of the Jpeg squares and then correct the color, contrast, and clarity. It probably cannot be rendered any better than this.

Shills hit this report hard because it proves in completely unambiguous terms that life really does exist elsewhere and that civilizations off this planet really do exist. For some reason the powers that be have decided that this information belongs in the crazy category when it is in fact a cold hard reality. Earth may therefore be a quarantine planet and knowing about other civilizations could

cause problems with keeping people under quarantine. Why else would this be censored?

Very simple steps can be taken to correctly render the Mars face image and prove it is real

Here is how you can render the data in the Jpeg blocks FOR FREE, and see that they really did encode the teeth below the Jpeg chatter

1. Download the Gimp image editor. It is free and can be found easily by typing “download gimp” into Google.

2. Download the original Nasa image linked here (it still works).

3. Open the picture with Gimp. Crop out the face. Under the image tab, choose scale image. Scale the image to 300 percent of original size. There is an interpolation option when scaling the image. You HAVE TO choose Sinc Lancoz 3 because THAT IS THE INTERPOLATION OPTION THAT WILL PRESERVE THE DATA IN THE JPEG PIXELS. IF YOU CHOOSE CUBIC OR LINEAR IT WILL BE LOST.

4. Under the colors tab, open curves. Nasa obscured this image by destroying it’s dynamic content, so you will need to expand what is there by pulling the line to perfectly match the top and bottom of the image data.

This will render the Jpeg blocks and show you the image data they contain. Anyone can do this. The software is free, and it is simply crop, scale, curves.

Then, under the filters tab, mouse over enhance and choose the last option “Unsharp mask”. Apply “unsharp mask” twice with the default settings. The picture will become clear enough to show as it is to the left here. It is not as pretty as my careful render that took hours to do, but it is at least enough to make it obvious my render is not fake.

NASA did not baby spoon a perfect image to the public, they wanted this hidden which is the only reason why the rendering process must be done to see what is in the original image.




I originally believed the Mars rovers were a hoax and that they were in the desert in Arizona. This is because there were coins, bones, an obvious animal skull and other things showing up in the Mars rover photos. I thought it was all a psy op. But there are no Aztec style carved heads in North America, especially none based on faces that look like they are White. There are no past religions or civilizations on Earth which have this face in their carvings. Because this was photographed by a rover I changed my mind – the rovers are on Mars and they are driving around the surface of a recently destroyed planet which was similar to Earth a short time ago. There are coins from whatever civilization was there showing up in the rover photos, bones, animal skulls and now this carved head. No doubt about it, Mars was inhabited and the superb condition of the relics that have turned up proves Mars was destroyed only a very short time ago.




This next image to the left shows what becomes visible by only using sharpen on the base image from NASA. You can, even at this level with the most basic adjustment of all more clearly see the head, and that this is not any sort of hoax.

And now I would like to rant on what IS a hoax – OUR HISTORY.

The rovers have obviously photographed an artifact from a lost civilization, one which they were sent there to find, and NASA is still puffing B.S. about it. Why would they want this buried? I am sure this will stay buried, I will be labeled a kook for mentioning it, and that all the official people will convince a herd of idiots that this rock formation is natural. But it is not natural, you can see this stuff where I am in Mexico and it is by no means natural. When archaeologists dig up carvings like this they do not sit there and spew stupidities about erosion, they know carvings are not natural and they go in a museum. If this stone head was found in the Amazon jungle archaeologists would call it a treasure. No ifs or buts it is . . . . . and if NASA and their representatives cannot be honest about this, what else are they lying about?

I bet they know it all

I bet there was a civilization on Mars not long ago, and that Mars got destroyed by a huge impact. Mars is a shattered planet. Something devastated Mars in the not too distant past and there is evidence of this recently happening on Mars. This is a well discussed topic in Astronomy. Whatever it was that destroyed Mars blew away the atmosphere and left everything to die. There was life there, this stone statue proves it, the lizard skull proves it, the coin proves it, and there was advanced life, with humanoid form. Why would NASA not mention this? What is the big secret?

Let me take a guess:

I now believe our real history is similar to the following: There were two planets with life on them circling the sun. Whatever civilization developed on them angered a greater civilization elsewhere. Mars was destroyed as a warning, and it’s inhabitants were allowed to go to Earth. There are rumors of the Annunaki which fit this scenario well. A lot of that “myth” is likely to not be myth at all. This stone statue on Mars came from somewhere. An advanced somewhere, what happened to it? Interesting it is that because we would have the same roots, exactly the same types of artifacts can be found on Earth also. What is our real history? A stone statue on Mars begs to differ with what we have been told.

My worries in posting the stone head on Mars report were centered around absolute confirmation the original image really did come from the Mars rovers.

I was not concerned with whether or not it was in the picture (it so obviously is) and instead put my efforts into being sure I was getting a genuine image from JPL and that Nasa does not do these types of things as a joke. They do not.

Are the rovers real? This is the key question to validating whether or not there is a stone head on Mars:

1. If they are fake, Brazil, Russia, Iran, China, India and many other countries could easily confirm there is no transmission coming from Mars, and they have said nothing about the rovers being fake. Would they really stay quiet about it?

2. Though the head is Aztec/Mayan style, they do not have this actual type of face carved in stone anywhere, (faces are after deities and demons, and no previous civilization on Earth had one that looked like this.) Only similar carvings exist, not the actual demon. How would archaeologists overlook this? They might miss one carved head somewhere, but not an entire civilization and accompanying persona of whatever this thing is.

3. India has a probe circling mars RIGHT NOW that can easily confirm the signals from the rovers, if the rovers are not there, India would confirm this with ease. And in a great rush of national pride after a major space success, they would happily slam NASA, would they not?

4. I originally questioned the validity of the Mars rovers because the sky in all the Mars photos is so obviously fake and the picture quality of all the Mars rover photos is too bad to be real. But then a reader sent the following which gives a very good reason for the sky to be fake in all the photos:

Radar wrote: “Mars photographs are unnatural as you have stated. However, there may be an explanation.

Taking photographs is easy but transmitting them is difficult. Transmission energy must be limited and the less “bits” there are to be transmitted the better. I would cut the sky away from the pictures to make the picture data file smaller. Later on earth I would decompress the pictures and fill the sky to make them look more natural. I would transmit different quality pictures back to earth but I would publish only the low resolution pictures, because there are many amateurs pointing out interesting details.”

What do I think?

I think the rovers are probably real for the biggest reason – why would Russia shut up about it? Why would anyone else shut up about it? And that additionally, Nasa is running a psy op. I think they have these rovers running around Mars with gigapixel imagers, gobbling every last ounce of detail there is up like a pack of hyenas, and Nasa is saying nothing while spoon feeding low resolution garbage to the public.

And now we have a perfectly rescued image of a carved head they tried to conceal by feeding only low resolution trash into the public trough. Is the fact this image got out the real reason for the very recent death of a Mars rover scientist Alberto Behar on January 10 2015, two weeks after this Mars head report was released?

He worked on the Mars Exploration Rover Mission that developed Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity, and he enjoyed designing planetary spacecraft tested on Earth’s most remote and extreme environments, according to his biography. Was this crash caused because he had a hand in allowing a key photo to slip past the censors? We will never have the answer, but it certainly is something to consider.




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