The FCC zio clan has yet to release their “net neutrality bill” and I think I know why.

Why would they delay releasing it? Because they want to see how people react to the legislation before they write it. They want to know what people will do to circumvent it ahead of time so they can close all the loop holes people guessed would exist. So when we finally do get to see it, we will get a version of it that is 5x as bad as they could have possibly dreamed up without us helping them by getting creative over something that has yet to exist.

You can bet:

Calling a web site a private club for members only will not work, unless you have a lengthy registration process before people can access. They already saw people start doing that and will plug that loop hole before they release their legislation. There is a reason why they are hiding what it is, and that is because it does not exist, they are working on it.



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