Nuke in Ukraine? I am undecided, but there is some really odd stuff with this

I think it was a fuel air bomb. And I think all the stats on fuel air bombs are faked and censored now. Off the top of my head, this is what I (think) I know – when the U.S. attacked Afghanistan, there were numerous caves they wanted purged and their choice for purging the caves was a polystyrene fuel air bomb. These affected the seismographs worldwide, triggering numerous earthquake readings in the 2.5 – 4.5 range.

So I know that when all I can find now is references to fuel air bombs only achieving a 5 ton yield, they are completely bogus. This got censored.

Remember the movie Outbreak? One bomb does a whole city? You won’t get that from a five ton bomb. If memory serves me right, fuel air bombs are in fact capable of reaching half a kiloton yield. They were called “poor man’s nukes” for a reason.

Now onto Ukraine and that nuke. People on the ground there said that whatever caused the blast had a 500 ton yield. Simultaneously with this blast, the USGS logged a 6.8 seismic reading where it went off, (which they quickly purged from their records, good people they are) but it at least stayed visible for 20 minutes on the USGS web site.

A seismic reading of 6.8 from one station does not mean a 6.8 earthquake happened if no surrounding stations register much. But what it does mean is that something absolutely huge happened in the immediate vicinity of the station that shook that much, and a fuel air bomb/nuke fits that scenario perfectly.

So I dug into this, and made note of two things – the first is the color of the blast, which does not match a nuke. The second is the sound of the blast, which was that of a gas explosion, which a fuel air bomb would sound like on steroids. Then there was a photograph shot at exactly the right time, and you can see the ignition sequence, where the flames start from a small point above the main explosion, and then have a huge fireball attached to them. A nuke would not look like that.

I am fairly confident it was a fuel air bomb in Ukraine. Recently there was a huge gas explosion in Mexico City which involved the fuel air ignition of 10,000 pounds of butane. That sounded exactly like the audio of the blast in Ukraine. There is body, punch and roar to an open air gas explosion because such explosions have a blast wave that is below the speed of sound. The syria nuke and high velocity explosives have a totally different sound, they have an extremely sharp cracking noise that is very short when they go off because the blast coming off of them is super sonic, so the entire blast wave is sonically bunched up and all arrives to a distant observer at the same time. Sound cannot outrun itself, but it can bunch up on itself and all arrive at once. The sound alone can tell you what type of explosion happened.

So I think it was a fuel air bomb in Ukraine (go to Youtube and compare blast sounds between gas explosions and high velocity explosives) the difference is obvious.

All of the above really does not matter much, because if the blast was that big it was probably an American bomb that did it. I guess Ukraine has similar stuff, but in the case of the fuel air bomb scenario, I doubt anything Ukraine has would work. I think that particular blast was out sourced.



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