March 3 2015, Quick updates

Building explosion in Detroit at 8 AM was electrical and huge, big enough to do serious damage and blow manhole covers off out in the street as well.

President Obama really does want to do away with term limits even according to Snopes and has already tried. And you know Snopes, it took an UZI in the office to get them to report a truth of that nature. They did so because they had to.

CERN going to full power soon, and Hawkings does not agree. Physicists working the Manhattan project feared a catastrophic chain reaction in the atmosphere when the first nuke was set off, and it almost happened with Starfish Prime (according to some physicists) but we are still here. CERN could, if fears are realized, cause the bottomless pit spoken of in Revelations. But I doubt the planet would get devoured. And I doubt anything will happen other than extra funding. But still . . . . cross your fingers . . . .

The petition against forced vaccinations went up to 56,000 practically immediately and then froze for three days with no movement whatsoever. Then the blockage was removed, and it is now up to 79,000 with three days left. It won’t “get the required signatures” because Hillary and others do not want it to, they want their underclass and that is that. SO, if forced vaccinations really end up getting mandated, people will be better off issuing a few of their own “vaccinations” that are high in lead content rather than receive one high in mercury.

Satellite explodes and many are saying it was a weapons test. I doubt it. The satellite registered a temperature spike and then exploded. That would be a failed lithium ion battery that exploded after thermal runaway. The satellite was 20 years old. Exploded battery fits.



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