Italian court rules: Vaccines cause autism

Obviously this is blacked out in the American press because the “Elite” want to destroy “feeder” intellect to make us feeders easier to control, but at least Italy ruled that vaccines do indeed cause autism (just like that FDA whistleblower said the FDA knows they do and buried it) and just like many parents who actually interacted with their children before vaccination know (something is obvious when the kid goes blank and dumb, all do to one degree or another but the hardest hit dumb down to autism).

Do not ever expect the American media or any other nation’s Jewish controlled media to utter a word about this, they want full rights to say they are “God’s chosen” because they are “superior” and they do not care one bit about how “superior” is achieved. They need backlash, deadly backlash, worldwide deadly backlash for what they have done via tainted vaccines, not all shots are created equal, they have a way to avoid damage to themselves, and I would like to que memories out there:

How many parents out there remember a high fever after vaccinations as being normal back in the 80’s? It was not, back then vaccines were not tainted and triggered practically no noticeable response in the children that received them. Nowadays it is expected for the child to get sick, (often very sick after “vaccination”) a side effect of having the body be tricked into attacking the brain.

Nowadays vaccines are specifically formulated to make children permanently immune to their own intelligence. It is simple to accomplish this, just put the same materials the brain uses into the vaccine and tag them as an enemy so the immune system then destroys them in the brain as if the brain was a disease.

An Italian court had the guts to issue a ruling that drew the link, read more HERE



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