Is The Economist predicting World War 3 in 2015?

Take a look at the cover of the 2015 Economist! New attack on Japan, World War 3, Mushroom cloud and many other symbols are there!

The cover of the 2015 Economist is loaded with hidden messages.

I see: 1. A very angry world in the sky, under which is a nuclear blast (world war 3), Two arrows in the ocean off the coast of Japan, one with 11.3 and the other with 11.5 on it, which would indicate another false flag on Japan, this time in May, the Pied Piper and many other things I do not know the meaning of.

Of all publications, The Economist would have the inside scoop on future events more so than any other. It is common for the “Elite” to give forewarning of their plans, so it is highly probable that there are predictions here, supported by plans. This cover is loaded with a mind blowing array of symbols and hidden messages, can anyone decipher more?

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