Interesting addition to the NSA hack report

Jeff wrote:

Jim; This started with the Motorola HC-6800s CPU and the famous Crypto-AG / NSA scam with the HC-4400 Crypto fax’s back in 1989. Selected Crypto fax machines used by targeted countries (this also included the UN, the Vatican bank, BCCI, Iran, Japan, Korea, Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal,etc) had there cpu bios infected with an early virus that was not detectable. It was planted in the HC-6800S’s CPU’s non readable on board 512 bit bios section. It allowed the NSA to read all cryptofax encrypted messages in real time world wide.

I was the American that discovered it while working for the UN. It destroyed my career. Infected computer bios chips go back to Windows 95 and the early Macs. Now it is in everything that has a cpu in it. All Power PC chips and all Intel cpu chips since the Pentium 2 have had this put into them. Rember the embedded serial number cpu scam back in 1998 with Intel. This is why all selected military and NSA computers had to have special cpu’s installed when purchased by the government. This story goes back to the computer chip guys on the missing Malaysian airliner flight to China. Maybe they knew too much? Wayne Madsen wrote about this years ago.

My response:

The UUID that went into all hardware in the 90’s made me nervous, because it permanently identified any system component anywhere and is sent out in all requests on the web. Even the UUID could do a lot of damage all by itself. I am not one bit surprised by what you have said.



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