I linked to Joel Skousen, what a mistake!

After ripping Joel for quite a good reason regarding EMP, I basically apologized for ripping him too hard and linked to his site. Enjoying an increase of visitors from this absolute no holds barred truth site with regard to Jewish atrocities, he took advantage of the link to push Kayla Mueller, and went over the top to such an extent that he even called Rachel Corrie a propaganda story and that the MSM is “falling for” another! Trying to correct “perceptions” Joel? That will be my last link EVER. The Rachael corrie rip crossed all bounds, YOU ARE OUT. And on that note, HOW DO YOU CALL A DEAD GIRL KILLED BY AN ISRAELI BULLDOZER WHILE TRYING TO STOP THE DEMOLITION OF A DOCTOR’S HOME AN MSM PROPAGANDA STORY? Take a look at this video this very web site put together. WHO ARE YOU TRYING TO FOOL?

DEAR JOEL: MEDIA PROPAGANDA STORIES DO NOT GET BANNED ON YOUTUBE! This gets banned on Youtube in 0.26 seconds! Therefore, it has to be hosted on this site. To watch it just click it and it will load directly from this site. This video can be saved to your hard drive, sent in E-mails and posted to other web sites by copying the link or uploading it directly. It is not locked.

This video starts out with Rachel Corrie as a little girl giving a speech about helping and understanding others who were less fortunate around the world, and that she wanted to change the world and help them. After the first segment, it cuts to Rachel in Palestine, living up to her word she gave as a child, helping people in Palestine. It is very stunning to see that she did what she said she would do as a child. The rest? Well, just watch and Joel, you can stick it. If this is your “Mass media suck up to Islam propaganda story”, you should be exiled. I WILL TELL YOU WHAT PROPAGANDA IS: KAYLA EXISTING AT ALL.

Source: http://jimstonefreelance.com/


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