FINALLY, the real “NSA hack” has been revealed

All hard drives from all manufacturers raped wide open to the NSA from day one of manufacture SINCE 2001!

This is about the recent NSA hack discovery by Kapersky, and I have clarified what is going on and removed the confusing, misleading and obstructing content most reports have.

I have long said that there is no way to secure your computer against the NSA no matter what virus scanner you run or how you secure your system, and that Snowden was to a degree a whitewash standing as a limited hold out to prevent the real truth from being known. Kapersky just confirmed this.

Here is what happened:

A decade and a half ago, someone managed to get NSA trojans into all the hard drive manufacturers which infected all manufacturer workstations and manufacturing facilities and then wrote itself to every hard drive ever made at the 12 top manufacturers for the last 14 years AT POINT OF MANUFACTURE. When the firmware was burned in, this virus wrote itself into the firmware at point of production. Ditto for rom as well. Additionally, it wrote itself to the hard drive platters as backup. Because this virus exhibited itself as part of the root product, (which cannot be accessed by any virus scanner or read in any way) it remained totally immune to detection this entire time even when written to the hard drive platters. Kapersky finally hunted it down (most likely by taking new products and doing a linear read of hard drive platters they removed from the hard drives and put in their own custom box.)

Impossible for this bug to exist you say? Nope. Here is how: All bios chips, anything writable, and even rom, has excess capacity that goes beyond the root program. It has to have a little extra space or whatever you write to it will not fit. There are applications that can fill in this excess space with garbage to use it up and prevent writing to it in the future, but if the computer that had such an application had this NSA trojan, obviously the trojan would circumvent it and write itself in instead. This would be especially deadly with ROM chips. At any rate, ALL hard drives have this trojan, at least anything newer than the 90’s.

The bug re configures the root operating parameters of anything it gets into and sets aside a permanent space for itself so re-flashing infected devices will not kill it. Kapersky determined that even all flash drives, SD cards and other memory devices which use USB also ship direct from the factory to you with this bug on them, and the manufacturers do not even know it.

Kapersky has named the organization responsible for this bug the Equation Group, and its toolbox ‘the Death Star of the Malware Galaxy’, and explained that the tools of its trade have hallmarks and themes similar to those of Stuxnet. Kapersky also believes that the group which wrote this particular trojan is superior to the agencies which wrote Stuxnet and Flame, and that the roots are at the NSA. Everything regarding this bug has been written with the highest possible efficiency and is of the highest professional order.

Kapersky contacted Seagate, and Seagate denied the problem. So Seagate might be a willing player in this. However, when they contacted Western Digital, Western Digital took it seriously and has started digging.

When Kapersky contacted the NSA, the NSA basically self incriminated with the following statement:

“We are aware of the recently released report. We are not going to comment publicly on any allegations that the report raises, or discuss any details,”. “The US. Government calls on our intelligence agencies to protect the United States, its citizens, and its allies from a wide array of serious threats – including terrorist plots from al-Qaeda, ISIL, and others; the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction; foreign aggression against ourselves and our allies; and international criminal organisations.”

Left unsaid by the NSA was the fact that they are totally infiltrated by kikedom, and this bug is also used to access all corporate secrets everywhere, steal inventions, set up untimely demises of journalists, if it serves evil the NSA is doing it knowingly or not. According to Kaspersky, victims include state targets, governments, security developers, telecoms, aerospace and energy industries, along with the military, activists and the media. This is no doubt the real venue that got Stuxnet into Fukushima.

If you want to know why the Jews managed to take control of everything from Wal Mart to the entire medical system to Disney to the NSA itself, this is your answer. Obviously if anyone out there has a chance of doing anything meaningful against the tainted vaccine war on the public, or antidepressants, or if anyone provides any hope against tyranny, they will be silenced and eliminated. THIS BUG ENSURES IT, and it is so entrenched now that there probably is no hope.

The only way we are going to get over this is if we manage to stall tyranny for a couple more years, and if hard drive manufacturers get their act together. I will not hold my breath for that, this bug ensures that anyone assigned to fix this problem will be killed or eliminated day one. Heads up Russia, nothing you have is classified.

Hmm, how many HDD manufacturers do I know of off the top of my head? Quantum, Maxtor, Fujitsu, Samsung, Toshiba, Western Digital, Seagate, IBM, (plus 4 more) has got to pretty much nail them all!

UPDATE: in order to hit the top 12, it has to be in the time frame between now and 2001. That fits for the Kaperski report, because there were 12 major hard drive vendors in business during that time frame, (some are gone now but their drives are still being used).




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