FACT: Nuclear EMP has NEVER (despite many tests) blown out a modern electronic device.

FACT: All cars and Intel processors since 2005 have a remote kill switch that can fake death from an EMP.

If you want to prove me wrong, do not sit there and be lazy. Just start googling Chinese, French, Indian and Pakistani nuclear tests, and we all know about North Korea, which did it in the 2000’s. And what about 3/11? What about the easily proven Syrian nuclear blast, which the cameras survived filming? Nuclear EMP is not the issue anymore, it is remote activated self destruct (which probably exists in almost everything now) and public stupidity about EMP. And that gets me on a rant:

I have had others in the truth movement tell me in no uncertain terms that I had no credibility whatsoever because I said all laptops had advanced shielding and were practically immune to nuclear EMP, and they had “experts informers” who said laptops had no shielding at all. And this stands as a clear explanation as to why the nuclear EMP hoax has taken root and infected the public concience like a rampant GMO weed. Well, I went through my backups last night and found that presentation of a laptop I did after one individual called me bullshit and I have posted it below. To all who depend upon “Experts, Inside contacts, and trusted people” for what they publish, if you are not able to do it yourself, do not call those who do not need a secret source to help them sort their way through disinfo or B.S. HERE IS YOUR “TOTALLY UNSHIELDED LAPTOP”:

Click the image to view it full size, it is very detailed

When I did the picture above, I thought all nuclear testing stopped in 1970 or so, so I said a nuclear EMP might kill electronics 20 miles away in the picture based upon some very liberal math calculating the attenuation of EMP over a distance that allowed for a low attenuation rate and a lot of destruction. However, with nothing blown out during the French, Chinese, Indian, Pakistani and North Korean nuclear tests, (most of which had devices over a megaton detonated 1996 or later) I believe even 20 miles is probably a bit much, and will simply state that if the blast does not kill you, EMP will not fry your computer. If a nuclear weapon goes off close enough to take out your laptop, it won’t matter because you will be dead anyway.

Consider what the “experts” with “inside contacts” said about shielding in a laptop, and apply it to what they say about EMP. Then consider the fact that I am dead right about the laptop. Who is the real “expert”? There is not only hard modern evidence the story about EMP from a nuke “killing everything” being a hoax, there is the math where any engineer can sit down and calculate with ease that there is no way a 10 mhz or lower (usually below 1 mhz) damped wave form (which a nuclear EMP is) that has a duration of 80 microseconds or less could ever blow out something as small as a modern electronic device. Such a low frequency signal simply cannot couple with a small object, it takes a huge antenna to gather significant power at that low a frequency and the protection diodes that are in everything now would put a stop to it all anyway.

EMP from a nuke was never a big problem, and only affected things back in the 1950’s when everything was BIG. Rather than being more susceptible to EMP, the age of the transistor in fact did away with the threat. Modern nuclear tests PROVE IT.

If one dreadful day everything goes black, SOMEONE FLIPPED A SWITCH AND PLAYED THE PUBLIC A FOOL. That will be easy, because the nuclear EMP hoax is so well entrenched.

There are non nuclear EMP devices specially made for the task that can blow a laptop fairly easily. The problem? Limited range, and interference from weather. Under ideal circumstances the absolute best EMP weapon America has can fry electronics out to two miles. But if it is raining, the kill range drops to a maximum of 600 yards. The movie “The Matrix” actually got this right. They had to wait for the sentinels to get very close before their EMP weapon would kill them. EMP weapons that can actually blow modern electronics have an extremely limited range (the laws of physics clearly state this has to be the case because of the cubed function of attenuation over distance) and this was shown very well in The Matrix. These high frequency EMP weapons that actually can fry modern electronics have nothing at all in common with nuclear weapons.

I threw this in at the end here because shills will no doubt point this out, and then say I am B.S. about the nukes. The difference? Modern EMP weapons put out a frequency no lower than 2,500,000,000 hz. A nuke? If a nuke exceeds 500,000 hz it hit a high frequency for a nuke. Now count the zeros. How many orders of magnitude difference is there between the two?

Why is the difference in effective range between the two weapons types so different? BECAUSE: the super high frequency produced by a real EMP weapon gets sucked up by water vapor, which is EVERYWHERE in the air, and absent water vapor does not travel well anyway. At the opposite end of the radio spectrum, Nuclear EMP travels fairly well because it stays pretty much either below or in the AM radio frequency band. The low frequency makes it easy for it to have a long range, but the low frequency also means it cannot couple well with a small electronic device. This is why nuclear EMP has no record of blowing out anything in the digital age, even though many nuclear devices have been set off during nuclear testing in the digital age. This is also one reason why the high frequency EMP weapons were developed, but given their limited range they are only practical for military applications (busting a radar station, blowing electronics in command and control somewhere) etc.

Nothing exists other than a computer command that could destroy electronics over a large area. The only thing a nuclear EMP could do is temporarily shut down the grid or make your satellite dish or GPS useless for a while. Your car will still run, your cell phone will still work, your computer will still boot. Do not fall for the “EMP destroyed it all” hoax if it happens.

Source: http://jimstonefreelance.com/


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