Everyone needs to wake up.

Everyone needs to wake up.

Come on now, I AM FORMER NSA and said EVERYTHING Snowden said AND 10X MORE on this web site over a year before he showed up. PEOPLE, FOR THE RECORD, (NO MORE SURPRISES):

1. The NSA was able to listen to anything going on in any house in America all the way back in 1955. This was possible via the land line which was set up to always stay on even when hung up. You have been hacked for your entire life.

2. When Cable TV came out, every box had a camera and microphone. This is why the deposits on them were so huge, YOU HAD TO PAY FOR THAT, and back then it was not cheap. That was the original Samsung Smart TV. The boxes would send everything in your home right back through the cable line when asked to.

3. Hard drives do not need to be bugged after manufacture. All the way back to before 911, ALL OF THEM were hacked with only a few short lines of code in the firmware that could be used for exploits later, and the manufacturers did not know this. It just got hacked into the chip sets at point of manufacture via tiny hidden worms at all the engineering workstations. I HAVE SAID THIS ALL ALONG, FOR YEARS, AT LEAST KASPERSKY CAME OUT AND SAID A WATERED DOWN VERSION OF THIS RECENTLY.

So when I hear repeat after repeat horror stories about how your cell sim is hacked, how your coordinates are known, and all this bullshit as if it was anything new, it makes me want to vomit. COME ON PEOPLE, IF YOU THINK YOU CAN EVEN FLUSH THE TOILET WITHOUT BEING BUGGED, YOU ARE LOST.

Want safe? Pencil, Paper, Carrier pigeon.

It really would be great if an alien civilization fried every transistor and microchip on the planet, that way we might find a way to kick tyranny’s ass. Tyranny needs this technology to destroy us. The damage it does to us is not worth the perceived benefit we are getting from it when that benefit is in reality representative of a catastrophic loss of everything we have. We are assured destruction by that which we cherish, because people cannot comprehend the level of evil our technology allows to be leveraged against us.

biz wrote:

Hi Jim

I think that, like many other evangelical Christians, Joel Skousen thinks that it is the duty of Christians to stand up with ‘Israel’. This is blindness because there are many ‘Israel’ and Christ Himself was the one to carve the expression ‘Synagogue of Satan’.

So, we are in presence of an ‘honest’ US patriot that has a dangerous blind bias towards anything ‘Jew’ and Israel.

These evangelical Christians will defend Israel no matter what happens and at the cost of Truth. This will prevent those people and churches from clearly spotting the ‘enemy’ and fight a proper fight. It is like modern world that doesn’t believe Satan exists or Hell. They can’t fight back… because they didn’t identify the enemy. Crazy!

My response:

I actually have a direct link to Joel and have been to his house, I was blown away by the Rachel Corrie rip. I was shocked and it just pissed me off.

If Joel succeeds in protecting his family with a hide out, the Jews will send it a cruise missile because he has sold out so badly knowingly or not that all his secrets are theirs. They won’t tolerate him when the axe falls and due to his pathologically blind trust they will have his coordinates nailed down to the width of a grain of sand. If he is still alive when the axe falls he will be destroyed outright or collected, and if not, his family will be collected.

Joel is not evil, but if you screw up badly enough to call Rachel a psy op, well, as many have now seen it won’t fly with me. And his perspective on this will not reduce the cruise missile/drone payload by a single gram. He will hit the waste basket as hard as anyone else.

Source: http://jimstonefreelance.com/


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