Helen sent the following: We have noticed that recently you have changed your name from ISIS to SIS, however this name change is not reflected on much of your website.

We have a question or two for you.

You state that you offer assistance globally to US armed forces; US government and US contractors. Would this assistance be given contrary to the wishes of the local people?

You boast an international spread and this is to be commended; however are you aware that your name is being taken in vain by a bunch of terrorists?

You say that you have a presence in Africa; yet we already have a SIS Africa situated in Johannesburg; South Africa. This corporation seems to be affiliated to Microsoft.

We notice that you offer assistance in “conflict zones”. The use of inverted commas or quotation marks; commonly denotes irony. This is a simple observation.

You seem qualified in certain fields; security; logistics and maintenance; but intelligence? No.

One more tip. SIS is the name for Secret Intelligence Service; you probably know it as MI6; or British Intelligence Now this is worrying; as you really don’t want to get mixed up with these guys; especially with the current problems you have with those terrorists.

Maybe you should concentrate your efforts state-side; at least until you have your own logistics sorted out; it’s not a very good way to advertise.

We have recently heard from our beloved President Obama that he has declared war on you. Is this why you are currently changing your name? We humbly suggest that whilst the name change seems to be taking so long; that you should walk down the street and sort this mess out.

Please take this friendly warning seriously as the President has drones and a phone remember.

A concerned citizen.

My comment:

ISIS has been clearly busted as a black op run by an American based military intelligence outfit with bases all over the world, see the following photo. If “terrorist” ISIS, which is obviously operating in the back pocket of the Mossad as evidenced by the fact that everything they put out magically emanates from one source, SITE intelligence group, really is just a front run by contractors (and it obviously is), then the President just declared war on an American company with offices in Washington DC, and mysteriously also in El Paso, where ISIS was supposed to be basing their infiltration of America from. Odd coincidences? not to those who are at least partially free of the MSM brain wash



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