You know who you are, the piece of malfunctioning trash that framed up a simpleton with an IQ of at most 65 in an idiotic plot to blow up Yellowstone and derail a train –

You are the lowest of the gutter low trash, so low that all comment sections below the five articles on five different papers I read were all disabled simply because others were obviously calling you an A-hole. The people DO NOT believe it is the FBI’s job to empower simpletons to carry out impossible plots they would never progress with absent your help. Your job is to assess real threats, not chase down simpletons and manipulate them into stacking your credentials.

Yes, you can take your fat bonus check, call your idiotic tax wasting pursuit a successful classified mission, slam some total retard in jail and climb the ladder. Cool it is how tyranny rewards the lowest of filth.

Ah yes, Islam, explosives, and Iran were all part of it. But even according to you, this idiot thought he could acquire a laser and cut the train tracks. HOW DOES THAT CONSTITUTE AN EXPLOSION? How could he ever acquire that type of laser? IF YOU WERE A REAL AGENT, AT THAT POINT YOU WOULD HAVE DETERMINED HE WAS TOO STUPID TO EVER ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING AND MOVED ON TO A REAL THREAT. And yep, you were right there saying you could arrange a construction crew complete with uniforms and equipment to do the job just to make him believe. . . .

The Iranian agent he went to visit was just another FBI agent, and his Jihadist leader overseas was just another FBI agent, I know how you function, and I will tell you this – I am not stupid about how you operate and if one of your agents ever approaches me making suggestions I will record a few sessions, figure out a way to detain him, let him sit without water for a few days and food for a couple weeks and then tell the police “I had to do it because he was a terrorist trying to get me to do something, believe me, I did the world a favor”. I had to hold him for a while to keep him from doing those horrible things he suggested I do. If he wanted to do these horrible things, can you really blame me for preventing him?

And after kicking the shit out of him for a few days, making damn good and sure he needed surgery to get over it, I would then let the police have him. That would be a just reward, no doubt!

What kind of an agency is the FBI if they are so incompetent they need to justify their existence by manipulating simpletons? AAH yes, the FBI at least called B.S. on the 911 phone calls, but I did as well three years before the FBI and I never got paid for it! And how useless is the FBI if they could make a statement of that type and get nothing done with it, when it was not only real but of PARAMOUNT importance? Is all the FBI capable of accomplishing and doing something about limited to bagging retards they coached and framed? Is all the FBI capable of limited to providing fodder for the propaganda matrix?

If America was functioning the way it was intended dear El Noury, you would be in jail and your agency vaporized like an ice cube on re-entry. Your existence is not justified, you are a parasite riding on a fat paycheck which only represents pure damage to those you claim to protect, you signify the end of the nation you make the ridiculous claim of serving, If you really think you did a good job serving your country, who is more stupid? You, or those you tricked and jailed?



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