Cia headquarters shut down?

There were numerous reports that the CIA had abandoned their world headquarters in Langley Virginia. Last night I could not find anything to the contrary and found many posts about a deal being made with China to shut them down, them being busted for faking ISIS so they were shut down for cleaning of staff, etc and unfortunately, this morning I finally found the real reason.

They never shut down at all. It was a hoax. Here is what happened to provide a pretext for the hoax –

A bunch of Iranian students went to the gates of the CIA world headquarters to protest drone strikes and the use of drones. It was a peaceful protest. But the police still taped off the entrances which made a great photo op for a hoaxer after the students left. In the hoax photos no one is there, and it really does look taped off and abandoned. But if you look up that drone protest, you will see it is the same entrance, the same tape, the same everything and sadly, the CIA did not shut down.



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