Cell towers to jam Ham radio?

B from Fema Zone 5 sent the following very post worthy mail

Hi Jim. I recently reread your report about HAARP and cell towers getting considerably more power than needed for normal everyday cell communications. We all know that many systems are designed for multiple uses. I’m a licensed Amateur Extra Ham Radio operator who understands frequencies, antennas and radio wave propagation.

That is how I know that the cell calls from the planes on 911 never happened. The antennas on cell towers are highly focused and directional and aimed towards the ground, the planes were never at the correct angle to the towers for those calls to have been made. Not to mention the fact that a plane is a flying Faraday cage which would have greatly attenuated the signals from the phones.

The new technology that allows for cell calls to be made from a plane TODAY is due to a “mini cell tower” inside the plane, those signals are amplified and converted to a higher frequency in the microwave spectrum which are then sent out through a self tracking satellite dish on the plane up to a dish in space and relayed to a ground station back on earth where it’s routed to the appropriate land line or cell phone

But back to my my main point though. Amateur (Ham) radio is a powerful communications technology and many operators are highly skilled, more so than I, which is why I see the cell towers as possible 50kw wide spectrum frequency jammers. Then the only communications allowed would be the propaganda that the NWO controlled government wants to allow, such as the alphabet news agencies, broadcast AM and FM radio and TV. I’ll elaborate for those readers who aren’t familiar with Ham radio.

Using a 5 watt handheld transceiver (HT) you can’t transmit very far on the ground but with the appropriate antenna I can bounce a 2 meter (144-148mhz) signal or a 70cm (420-450mhz) signal off of a satellite, such as the ISS (International Space Station), hundreds of miles up and back down to earth. The ISS has it’s own Ham radio station and you can actually talk to the astronauts and it has a 2meter and 70cm repeater aboard for relaying communications. You can also do EME, Earth Moon Earth, communications and talk to somebody up to 12,000 miles away. And that’s just a 5 watt HT.

Using a more powerful mobile (car mounted) radio, besides what I listed above, you can easily communicate dozens of miles to the next ground station, which maybe another operator or repeater station which broadcasts the signal even further. Get a 12volt power supply, mount an antenna on a tall mast at home and plug the radio into that and you can transmit hundreds of miles. Dual band (2meter,70cm) radios usually top out at 50watts but a single band 2meter radio goes to 75watts. A very popular thing to do on the 6meter (50-54mhz) band is bounce signals off of meteor scatter. When a meteor penetrates the atmosphere it gets very hot and leaves a trail of ionized gases behind it that you can use to bounce signals off of. Look above at what I’m able to do with just 5 watts and since mobile radios are 12volts you don’t need grid power to operate, a cheap solar panel and 12v battery will allow you to operate almost indefinitely

The real magic though happens in the lower frequency, longer wavelength bands. Get to the 30meter (10mhz) band and lower frequencies and you don’t need repeaters or meteor scatter. These radios can also operate from 12 volts. A Ham radio operator in the US is allowed to use a maximum of 1,500 watts of power at these frequencies (much less than the 50,000 watts of a cell tower, hence my reason for writing). At those frequencies the signal will actually bounce off the ionosphere back down to earth, back up to the ionosphere, back down to earth, etc… That will allow you to talk completely UNASSISTED and DIRECTLY to anybody, anywhere on the face of the planet.

Imagine that an “Ebola” outbreak, False Flag attack or some other manufactured or maybe real catastrophe strikes and a city or region is quarantined and under martial law with major civil liberty violations taking place. People being rounded up and executed or thrown into FEMA camps. The internet would be shut down or highly censored, cell and phone communications would be shut down entirely. The only thing left would be Ham radio and the government would certainly want to keep Ham radio operators from getting the truth out

Love the site and the news you post can’t be found anywhere.

Thanks from FEMA region 5, formerly the state of Minnesota

My response:

I figured out 911 out quickly because of my NSA background, even if on the ground you could not hook up to cell at over 120 mph AT ALL in 2001, not even a little, because the cell towers could not at that time negotiate your position that quickly and perform the necessary handshaking on time.

The fact that the FBI came right out and said the calls on 911 never happened is especially damning, because the nation is so usurped that when it comes to high corruption, the FBI is completely unable to do anything about it unless the Jewish community wants it to.

I am keeping what you said about short wave in mind. Also, with some of the new switching transistors it is perfectly possible to get a portable class D AM radio set up running off of series car batteries to hit 10,000 watts for not much money if you are not worried about FCC rules regarding side band pollution . . . . . . food for thought, what could the FCC do about that if it was done from Mexico with a nice directional setup? I know damn well I could totally penetrate Texas for less than $200 if I build it myself . . . . . . .

AND, how about this idea for getting an antenna WAY UP THERE:

Get a 400X 12 foot roll of 0.4 mil painting plastic. Cut off two 24 foot lengths of it and tape them to make a 24 foot by 24 foot piece that is perfectly sealed. Then, get several rolls of aluminum foil, pull all the foil off the rolls, make them into loose aluminum foil balls, and throw them in a five gallon bucket full of a water and lye solution. This will make LOTS of hydrogen gas. Take your plastic and tie / tape it off to make a balloon. Put the opening over that five gallon pail that is bubbling lots of hydrogen. When your balloon takes off, have it lift a pre measured length of cheap baling wire that is the exact length of the antenna you need. Hook up to that. Launch a couple more passive ones in a line to get your signal to go the direction you want. Do your voodo transmit. Keep it down to an hour. Cut the wires when you are done and have your antennas drift off to nowhere to make a quick getaway.

You would never get nailed absent the Fed sending a cruise missile. That’s the easy way.

My setup, if I ever get it done, will use a coil type antenna with a curved top and depend completely on ionospheric bounce. (the rest edited, I decided not to publish it.)

Source: http://jimstonefreelance.com/


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