Ask the Rabbi: Are vaccinations kosher?

Rabbi David Samson

News reports say that Israel is considering giving smallpox vaccinations to all of its citizens. How can they do this when the smallpox vaccination contains rat blood, monkey brains, and human fetal tissue? Don’t they know that these things are Treif?

While we have not heard about a smallpox vaccine with rat blood in it, the vaccine does contain monkey kidney cells and human fetal tissue as stabilizers. These are both non-kosher. However, the smallpox vaccine is not taken orally. Rather it is an inoculation. There is no prohibition to use these specific non-kosher substances, so long as they are not eaten.

My response:

Dear Rabbi, how could fetal tissue end up in a vaccine unless put there as an homage to a satanic death cult? How did you miss that? Why not something else? A “stabilizer” can’t possibly HAVE TO come from fetal tissue! Now it is obvious why babies get autism, fetal brain tissue in the shots, so their immune systems get tricked into attacking the brain.

This was posted to clear all doubts about my explanation for why our children are getting autism from vaccines. If you doubted me when I said they were putting fetal brain tissue in them to get children’s immune systems to make them stupid, don’t take my word for it, just ASK THE RABBI!



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