Are West coast port closures part of an “elite” plan to create chaos in America before a crack down this summer?

I looked into this quite a bit earlier today and did not know what to make of it, so I waited until now to comment.

A few things –

Manipulated strikes?

It has been difficult to get solid answers on this, but some are saying the workers have no need or strong desire to strike, and that this is all scripted for the purpose of creating severe product shortages in America. So far, automobile manufacturers such as Honda who have facilities in the U.S. have started using airfreight to get the parts they need (which are in shortage because of this strike) to the assembly line. So far it has not been anything heavy or bulky, so they are OK but they did have to change shipping methods for a few parts that ran out. With time this will probably get worse.

No one has been significantly hit by this strike in the retail sector simply because the economy is slow and there is a lot of Christmas surplus floating around. But the worry is that if this problem is not cleared up, it could cause major problems mid March, when sales pick up. So far, imports from the West Coast have dropped by a whopping 29 percent, which is huge.

My take: There is virtually no damage from this yet, but if it is not resolved over the next two weeks it could completely collapse the economy. What would happen to Wal Mart if they could no longer get can openers made in China? Ditto for microwaves and big screens . . .

And that gets my mind spinning on a whole new angle – What if the port shut downs are a hoax being played by the global elite for the purpose of crashing America hard? If they rammed the Charlie Hebdo scam down our throats, their control of the media could surely fake a strike and false flag a port closure.

Anonymous posted the following regarding this to the forum:

“The point behind idling the ports, is being made by the private global- corporations, not the unions, in order to empty the shelves in supermarkets nationwide for three or four weeks to force the public to approve the blackmail contained in TPP: This is part of what lies beneath the latest move to allow international corporations to become nation-states worldwide. . . ”

I believe that is a plausible scenario, so plausible it probably nails this quite well, but would like to add a little something – If the elite have a plan for a martial law crackdown on the books for this summer, a manipulated port closure that totally crashed the economy would serve them well. If people are desperate, they will be seeking answers and solutions from anywhere. This is EXACTLY what would be wanted during a martial law crack down and power grab.



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