About the DHS seeking NSA spy powers: They will attack the NSA

The DHS has been requesting the same spying powers as the NSA, and there is a reason for this. I think I know the reason.

The NSA is fully capable of a complete data rape on anyone, however, the NSA has been around at least 50 years now which makes them an old agency when compared to the DHS. Everyone who works for the DHS is a new employee, newly cleared and guaranteed to uphold the current objectives. The NSA is full of old timers, many of which still believe in America. And they are the first in the data chain. They will not give the DHS what they ask for when it is obvious the DHS only wants to screen the old timers at the NSA and decide which of these people they are going to put on a hit list.

This is the only reason possible for the DHS to want full NSA spy power of their own on American citizens – so they can also round up people in the NSA who might stand in opposition to the final destruction of America. The NSA will more than happily hand over even the most tenuously legitimate info to empower tyranny, but tenuous is the word here, the DHS will likely not even hold that as a standard. If the DHS gets the powers they are asking for, there will be absolutely nothing holding tyranny back. No system of balance at all. The good people in the NSA, which they obviously see as competition if they want the same powers themselves, will be done away with by the DHS.

Source: http://jimstonefreelance.com/


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